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Birds Around the World - Birds Around the World is a circle of websites providing quality information to either current or potential pet bird own

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Birds Around the World

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Birds Around the World is a circle of websites providing quality information to either current or potential pet bird owners as well as those who simply watch the wild birds. These websites provide important information on: 1) Life with a pet bird including its proper care and housing. 2) Breeding captive birds. 3) Genetics of mutations in color. 4) Blogs about your pet birds or birdwatching activities. 5) Life history of wild or pet birds. 6) Required supplies to keep pet birds healthy and happy. 6) Bird watching trip reports. 7) Photographs of birds, especially those in their native habitats. If you have any interest in birds, you will enjoy visiting these websites.



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Moua Oriental Roost - Home
sharing my experiences and passion with my fowls :)
King Aviaries
Rhode Island Breeder of Australian King Parrots and other exotic birds such as Rosellas, Finches and Parakeets.
Frank's Fife Fancy Canary Homepage
This web is dedicated to all fanciers of Fife Fancy and other type of canaries.
Andrew Ellis's blog -
This site is a fascinating insight into the life and paintings of world renowned wildlife artist, Andrew Ellis. It offers a chance to see what he is currently working on,find out what inspires his paintings and see how they are put together. Visitors to the site are able to vote in polls to help decide which images are put into print. It is a chance to see work from Andrew's sketchbook
A Visit to the Free Flight Aviary, Del Mar, California
Join us for a visit to the Free Flight Aviary in Del Mar. In addition to convalescent birds it is home to birds that need to be adopted, as well as parrots that are being boarded or in day care.

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     Birds Around the World
    Birds Around the World
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