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Bird Enthusiasts - BIRD ENTHUSIASTS: For avian enthusiasts, bird societies, bird clubs, bird breeders and bird owners. ::::::::::::::::::::

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Bird Enthusiasts

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Manager: jliilj
BIRD ENTHUSIASTS: For avian enthusiasts, bird societies, bird clubs, bird breeders and bird owners. ::::::::::::::::::::jshv096:jshwrtf:animal:60717

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For the Love of Birds
Specializing in sweet and cuddly handfed baby cockatiels. They are raised as pets in spacious, sunny bird room at my family home in central Maine. Variety of beautiful colors. Photos of available babies. Discussion of socialization, weaning, flight training and diet. Many avian links. Parrot Humor.
Wings n Beaks
"Wings n Beaks" is a newly designed website that takes a look into companion parrots. Also, it is splendidly varnished in an appropriate Australian way with simple yet effective Aboriginal bird designs.
Spotted Eagle's Flight Aviary
Breeders ofering ICA closed banded Cockatiels in many mutations, uncluding some the hot new "albino" (white faced lutino) and white face babies with splits available, Quakers, Dusky Pionus, African Species, Budgies, Bourkes Parakeets, Diamond and Ring Neck Doves, and more. We have a breeder loan program and a payment plan available. Just ask!
A Bird in the Hand
Song canary information and articles, many translated from original texts from the countries the breeds came from. Photos of my birds and links to song files for various song canary breeds and wild songbirds from around the world.
San Diego County Canary Club
The San Diego County Canary Club was established in 1965 - the oldest active bird club in San Diego! This group is for all who are interested in raising and showing canaries.

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Bird Enthusiasts

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