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Anti-Microsoft Webring - The Anti Microsoft Webring is a list of sites and resources that want or list alternatives to Microsoft Windows.Operatin

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Anti-Microsoft Webring

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Manager: thewhizkidz
The Anti Microsoft Webring is a list of sites and resources that want or list alternatives to Microsoft Windows.

Operating Systems such as Linux, Unix, Lindows, Be, and more. We now have over 45 sites listed and over 126,000 total page views! Be Seen! Get Clicks! Join Our Webring Today! Mess with the best... Die like the rest!

Check out our poll in our forums section "What Operating System do you use or prefer?"

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A sampling from our Member Sites(s) Use the link above to review/visit
Get Dish Network equipment in up to four rooms and installation for FREE! Also find out how to make an extra income giving away satellite television!
My IE-HaterPage
I think ALL WebMasters should place a No-IE Logo on their site... Things would be so much easier.
The Microsoft Inquieror
An anti-microsoft site that features silly articles about Bill Gates and Microsoft. It will also feature information on other operating systems besides Windows.
Anti bill gates jokes, stories downloads and programs
Jim's Totally Bogus Vaporware Linux Wallpaper
Mostly wallpaper. Ordinary scenes with penguins in the strangest places, some red hats, and an ever-increasing number of cheap shots at Bill Gates.

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Anti-Microsoft Webring

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· Community Created 12/31/1996
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Anti-Microsoft Webring forum:

The Anti-Microsoft Forum
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Anti-Microsoft Webring

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