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Psychedelia - Find in this WebRing your most mindblowing psychedelia, including but not limited to psychedelic visual art, music and w

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Manager: genessa
Find in this WebRing your most mindblowing psychedelia, including but not limited to psychedelic visual art, music and writing.  If you're looking for a head shop, you're in the wrong place.  If you've just been to one, or wish to feel somewhat as if you've been to one, settle in and browse this ring.  These sites are a trip!  Pictured:  from the CowParade 2004, Prague, Czech Republic, artist Lucie Svobodová's #152 PSYCHEDELIC DREAM.


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   Devil One's Virtual Trip Preview Go
Well it's a little site I'm putting together to show much TRIBUTE to the visuals of LSD, Shrooms, Peyote, and all the wonderful Hallucinogens out in this vast world of ours. So sit back and relax and take a ride on this trip.
   .:Artwerker-Artwork & Designs by Robert L. Martin:. Preview Go
An exhibit of artwork by Robert L. Martin. Lake applets, & many other image effects applets. Dynamic geometric ceramic assemblages, colorful landscape paintings, digital photography, architectural design, & web page design.
   Deadicated Recordings Preview Go
Deadicated to the preservation of Live Recordings by Hippie related bands... Live Concert Taper/ music archivist... Live Concert collector...

   Alterworld - A neotoltec cybershamanic journey Preview Go
A neotoltec cybershamanic narrative of many journey around a virtual camp-fire. A hiperdimensional portal to anothers realms...
   Legally High - Altered States Without Drugs Preview Go
Trance, rapture & psychospiritual exploration without drugs; a guide to safe & legal highs for enhanced creativity, deeper relationships, access to Universal Consciousness or just for fun :-) Home of the Altered States of Consciousness webring.
   icandigit: the digital surrealist Preview Go
There are three kinds of people on this earth. Those that can count, and those that can't...
   Liquid Sound Designs Preview Go
Liquid Sound Designs is a psychedelic liquid lightshow based in Springfield, Missouri, USA.
   genessa -- webring! Preview Go
If you're seeing this site in one of my rings, consider it an unofficial manager's page); otherwise it's my page about which rings I manage AND about WebRing in general, including WebRing membership and management. If THIS ring isn't on the page, it's due to be merged; check join instructions to see where.
   Brojo's Psychedelic Experience Preview Go
A tripped-out trek into the far-flung fringes of psychedelia.

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