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Anti-Microsoft Webring - The Anti Microsoft Webring is a list of sites and resources that want or list alternatives to Microsoft Windows.Operatin

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Anti-Microsoft Webring

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Manager: thewhizkidz
The Anti Microsoft Webring is a list of sites and resources that want or list alternatives to Microsoft Windows.

Operating Systems such as Linux, Unix, Lindows, Be, and more. We now have over 45 sites listed and over 126,000 total page views! Be Seen! Get Clicks! Join Our Webring Today! Mess with the best... Die like the rest!

Check out our poll in our forums section "What Operating System do you use or prefer?"

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   Micro$0ft links Preview Go
Links to anti-M$ sites, images and other stuff.
   Always breaks? That's Windows Preview 1 review(s) — Go
YuriPrime.tk has many purposes, but the main one is to push Linux to schoolchildren. Long live YPTK, long live Linus Torvalds!
   Sotpar's Anti-Micro$oft page Preview Go
This is an anti-Microsoft, anti-Internet-Explorer page

   Pardgaia's Page Preview Go
Supports free software, hates Microsoft and friends a very leftwing guy:-)
   Dan Roche's Linux Softwares Preview Go
A collection of usefull Linux Software : vcron, vppp, easyfw, xbiff2, ddt and more ..
   Bill Gates = The Devil Preview 1 review(s) — Go
proof that Bill Gates is the Devil! and awhole lot of pics coming up soon
   WindozeBloze Preview Go
This site is a place where all computer users can come and debate about what is the better OS. Of course ALL of you know that the MAC is superior to all others. Plus some good apps and mac stuff....
   MacsRule Preview Go
A website that shows that Macs are more than people say they are AND that Micro$oft Windows isn't all it's cracked up to be.
   Alternative computing Preview Go
written in Japanese (JIS: charset=ISO-2022-JP). Alternative OS for PC, Amiga, Atari, Acorn, NeXT and so on.
   Bill Gates is Barney the Dinosaur Preview Go
Bill Gates Dirty Little Secret

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