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Norwegian Forest Cats Ring - Norse legend refers to a mountain-dwelling fairy cat, known as the Skogkatt.  It's believed that this could be the

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Norwegian Forest Cats Ring

Manager: tamar_the_ringmistress
Norwegian Forest Cats! Skogkatt! This Ring is dedicated to all Norwegian Forest Cats and the people who own and love them. If your web site deals with Norwegian Forest Cats, join the Skogkatt Ring to promote these wonderful northern cats!

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Norwegische Waldkatzen avmyrkwid 09/20/2008 (1 posts) Zauberhafte   more
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Amors Acker Noorse Boskatten cattery 04/01/2009 (1 posts) With much love en joy we   more
Annakat Cattery, fokker van Noorse Boskatten ac 08/18/2008 (1 posts) Noorse Boskat foto's, kenn   more
Norwegian Forest Cats von Aminius aminius 10/07/1998 (1 posts) We are breeding since 199   more
Norwegian Forest Cats - Duch Polnocy magda89 03/18/2008 (1 posts) Norwegian Forest Cats Cat   more
Cattery Amber Forest catteryamberforest 04/26/2008 (1 posts) We have a sma   more
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