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Norwegian Forest Cats Ring - Norse legend refers to a mountain-dwelling fairy cat, known as the Skogkatt.  It's believed that this could be the

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Norwegian Forest Cats Ring

Manager: tamar_the_ringmistress
Norwegian Forest Cats! Skogkatt! This Ring is dedicated to all Norwegian Forest Cats and the people who own and love them. If your web site deals with Norwegian Forest Cats, join the Skogkatt Ring to promote these wonderful northern cats!

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Home - Cattery Goldflower - 11/24/2011

In 2010 we decided to purchase a Norwegian Forest Cat. Her name is Kissy, she comes from Arnhem Cattery, Marivon. She was born on June 17, 2010, and its color, black mackerel tabby (NFO n 23)
She has adapted very quickly. In 2011 there was another Norwegian Forest cat. His name is Flake he comes from Maassluis Cattery, Ankylaja's. He was born on June 2, 2009, and its color, Red silver (NFO ds) He had some more time to adapt but has now found his place. Kissy is now pregnant with her first litter Flake, so now I decided to start a cattery.

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